Sunday, March 10, 2013

That running over cup . . . .

So, here it is, March 2013, and I am posting the first blog post of the New Year. It's a quandary---when nothing's happening, I feel like there's nothing to post, and when I'm busy it seems like I haven't got the time. Right now it is the second part of that range of possibilities that is what has made posting difficult.

If I put aside my day jobs---and there are several that I work at to pay the rent---here are my current projects:
  1. An audiobook for Redwood Audio (booked through ACX) titled Politics and Passion; Toward a More Egalitarian Liberalism ;
  2. an audio tour for the Kelley House Museum in Mendocino, which we are in post-production on;
  3. a call back audition (this Thursday) for an eLearning project received from my agent at Stars.
Via Inkjot Comics
On top of these, I have begun rehearsals for the next Hit and Run Theater shows, coming to Hill House in Mendocino on March 29 and 90. All this makes for one very busy person. I am grateful that all this is happening, and feel like the work of the past years is finally bearing fruit. I will do my best to make time to keep this blog posted on new happenings, and updates on all that is already going on. My cup runneth over!

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